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Niladri Kumar | St George's Bristol


Niladri Kumar


From £10

A 9% booking fee applies online and over the phone. A £2.50 postage fee is charged where applicable.

We are proud to present India’s leading sitar player – Niladri Kumar. Niladri Kumar combines both an encyclopaedic knowledge of and expertise in classical Indian music and the ability to blend this to create modern contemporary music which helps audiences instantly connect with his style.

Following years of training under his Father & Guru Pandit Kartick Kumar, Niladri’s expertise in Indian classical music helped him to revolutionize sitar playing and further invent his own Instrument, the fiery red electric sitar, which he coined the Zitar.

Niladri’s is a leader in making music appealing to young people as well as more traditional audiences with his ability to balance between classical music, contemporary as well as world music. His music has featured in numerous popular Bollywood films, including: Crazy Kiya Re in Dhoom 2, Chup Chup Ke, Aashique 2.

Yashwant Vaishnav began learning tabla as a 3-year old and became known as a ‘wonder child’; he continued to perfect his craft under the tutelage of Hemant Sachdeva and Pandit Mukund.

A maverick musician and the Mastermind behind classical ‘Zing’.