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The Music of Harry Potter

Part of Just Announced


From £18

A 9% booking fee applies online and over the phone. A £2.50 postage fee is charged where applicable.

Join the Mystery Ensemble as they proudly present one of their best-selling programmes: an evening of Harry Potter!

The music of the beloved film series based on the eponymous novels by J.K. Rowling. Harry Potter soundtracks — the most enchanting event of the season for the whole family, an experience that cannot be missed!

The evening programme includes the magical music from unforgettable fantasy films of Harry Potter performed by the extraordinary Mystery Ensemble in an intimate & relaxing atmosphere.

The film’s soundtracks were masterfully composed by John Williams. The composer wrote the music at his mansions in Los Angeles and Tanglewood and then recorded at Abbey Road and Air Lyndhurst studios in London in September 2001. The film features many characteristic leitmotifs, most of which were repeated in the second part of the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets franchise. The main composition, Hedwig’s Theme, is present in all films in a modified form. The soundtrack was released on October 30, 2001, on CD media.

Mystery Ensemble

The mysterious fleur of the concert will be created by the unique connection between musicians and the surrounding architecture & lights. The very intimate atmosphere of the hall will help the ensemble to transfer the audience into the cryptic world of her majesty’s the music.

Mystery Ensemble is a group of professional musicians performing unique programs on non-standard venues around the UK.

Experience outstanding works from different eras, experimental music, tributes, and world soundtracks of films and series, as well as absolutely unique programs and immersive shows. All music presented in author’s arrangements. With the possibility of independent choice of the program, unexpected locations, and flexibility of the format, our team of professional musicians is inspired to bring their favorite music to life.

Founded in 2021, our studio of contemporary music has grown rapidly, with over 40 shows in the UK in its first year of performing. Our founder, Almin Alexander, has devoted more than 12 years of his life to the music industry and the development of cultural initiatives around the world, working with many outstanding musicians and musical groups.

Join us and experience the creative energy and passion that drives our team to bring music to life in unforgettable ways!