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Tide Lines | St George's Bristol


Tide Lines



A 9% booking fee applies online and over the phone. A £2.50 postage fee is charged where applicable.

Tide Lines rounded off a huge 2023 with a unique conceptual tour throughout Scotland entitled Elements. Such was the success of these special, stripped back shows, the band are now getting set to take Elements on the road again – this time with shows across both Scotland and England.

Elements refers to the various influences on the band, the different elements from which their songs are constructed, and the natural environment in which they are created.

Audiences can expect a relaxed atmosphere where the songs are presented in a more acoustic and often ambient electronic setting.

Singer Robert Robertson said: 

“We’ve become accustomed to recording stripped back and acoustic versions of our songs for online over the last few years so to tour that kind of material live for the first time last Autumn was amazing. We were quite taken aback by the audience reactions to these shows throughout Scotland so immediately wanted to start planning a second Elements tour – this time heading down South!  The process of stripping the songs back brings them closer to how they were originally written and often creates a new perspective on them which I think is what makes those shows so different and unique.”