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Tøkio will be performing his new solo classical album featuring an array of beautiful and reflective pieces of original music inspired by the birth of his first daughter. Tøkio will also include stripped back arrangements of his most popular works; released and unreleased.

For the first time ever, Tøkio will be adding selections of traditional classical music to this tour – showcasing not only his technical prowess, but also inviting you to experience which artists inspired & influenced the TØKIO M¥ERS we all love and know today.

If I hadn’t gone to dark places in life and explored as much as possible the extremities of music, then I could’ve never understood how beautiful & perfect simple music is – I’ve learnt after all these years that my training and experimenting were essential, in order for me to finally understand, appreciate, and truly feel how to play the most simplest of pieces – it feels like an awakening.”, says Tøkio.