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Family Event, Visit Bristol, Family Fun, All ages

Wild Words presents: The Song of the Forest (inspired by Grimm Tales)

This event has passed.

A smorgasbord of tantalising tales with characters strangely familiar, spontaneous theatre, live music and song, all expertly mixed together by Wild Words’ Michael Loader and Simon Blakeman.

From 9.30am (arrive when you can): Crafty in the Crypt – make a prop for the show
10.15am – 10.50am: Playshop – join Michael and Simon onstage to create ‘The Song of the Trees’
11am – 11.45am: The Song of the Forest show

Jakob and Wilhelm came from a big family of noisy supper tables, parental love and gripping stories of their forest home. One day their father died, the family became poor and Jak and Wil went their separate ways into the jungle of the city where they continued to collect and tell stories. Many years later, above the hubbub of the city they hear the hum of the forest calling, they follow the breadcrumbs of ‘story’ along separate paths, leading them closer to the truth of their own.

Step into the tangled forest of tales, with roaming wolves and flying witches, cages and cauldrons, paths that disappear, trees that talk ‘und ein bisschen Deutsch’! Will the brothers find their way through their greatest challenge, to untangle the story created with the help of you, the audience? Or will they be lost forever in the darkness between the trees?

Simon Blakeman