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Tales from the Crypt

Terrifying treats from St George’s, this Halloween

Is St George's Haunted?

With Halloween around the corner, and rumours resurfacing – as they do every year – of the ‘St George’s ghost’, our team decided to investigate. After all, working in a converted 200-year-old church, which once had its own underground crypt (now our Box Office), someone must have seen this ghost?! 

We put out a call to St George’s team members past and present. Pull up a chair, light the fire, and listen to their stories…

One former team member recalls sitting at the old Box Office desk (in the old Crypt, before the new extension was built) one evening shift. “It was a very small space and there was nobody else in there. But something or someone jabbed me in the shoulder, seemingly with their finger, twice. I physically moved forward. I turned around, turned back, and then it happened again. Goodness knows what they wanted, maybe they were just being playful…”

One former Marketing team member says, “I was on my own in the Crypt, hanging posters and faffing about with banners and flyers. I had a new banner, which had come in one of those long cloth bags with zips at the top. I’d left the bag on the floor and turned around to assemble the banner. When I looked back, the bag was standing up by itself, on its end, straight as an arrow! I grabbed all my bits and bobs and fled!”

So – could St George’s have a poltergeist? 

Finally, one of our Duty Event Managers came to tell us about a sighting of the ghost itself!

“Am I going to be scared by this?” asked our Office Manager.

“I’m still scared by it, to be honest!” said our Duty Event Manager. “It was the end of my shift and I was locking up the building. I was the only person left in there, and I set the alarm, but then I realised I’d left the dressing room lights on. So I de-alarmed, and went backstage, to go and turn it off. When I got backstage, a tall black figure, which looked like a shadow, walked slowly across from the Green Room into the dressing room. The lights weren’t on now – it was totally dark in there, and the figure was even darker. I could just make out its head, shoulders, torso, arms. It was a slow walk, for a good five seconds. At first I wondered if it was a person who’d broken in – but we’d already checked the building, and they would have set off the alarm. The figure vanished into the dressing room and I didn’t dare go in then. I just set the alarm, locked up and left. I won’t go back in there alone now. It was really horrible. I’m not interested in ghosts, I’m not someone who was going to go looking for them. I don’t believe in ghosts, but what I know is that I saw this thing and I can’t explain it.”

So – is this a trick or a treat? And now it’s over to you. Have you seen the St George’s ghost? If so, we want to hear about it! Please get in touch and tell us about it here.

If this isn’t all scary enough for you, why not come along to one of our spectacularly spooky Halloween season events? A Requiem, a concert by candlelight, and some iconic Gothic horror…