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Membership Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Each annual membership (£40 PRIORITY member, £120 PLUS member, £250 Benefactor, £1,000 Patron, £2,500 Star Circle) is of the St George’s Bristol supporter scheme and does not constitute membership of the charity, St George’s Bristol.

Membership term
Each annual membership term is for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Membership expiry/renewal
Your memberships will expire after a 12-month term. You can sign up for Auto-Renewal when you purchase, meaning that you will be automatically billed at the end of each 12-month term. You will be sent membership renewal/expiry reminders 30 days prior to expiry. You will receive a second reminder 7 days before expiry. A final reminder will be sent just before the expiry period ends.

Payment for membership
From August 2022, all new memberships are only payable annually and by card, bought via our website or through our Box Office. All membership fees are payable at the outset or in advance of the membership term and for the whole term. We do not accept payment in instalments. Existing memberships who pay by Direct Debit, standing order, or any means other than by card, and those who pay in instalments will be required to change the way they pay at the time of their renewal.

Memberships are payable at the outset or in advance of the term; payment is for the full term; and the membership purchased is non-refundable. Memberships are non-transferable. Memberships cannot be shared (e.g. one membership cannot cover two people – they must purchase two memberships).

Guaranteed tickets
A membership does not guarantee you tickets for any event at St George’s Bristol.

‘Right to Refund’ ticket benefit
Benefactors, Patrons and members of the Star Circle have the right to request an account credit refund on any ticket purchased for a St George’s Bristol promotion, should they be unable to attend the event. This supersedes the refund terms of St George’s Bristol’s normal ticketing terms and conditions. This right ceases when there is less than 48 hours until the start of an event. If you wish to refund your tickets then you must do this 48 hours or more prior to the event those tickets are for. This is an account credit refund option only, where the value of the tickets refunded will be applied to your St George’s Bristol account redeemable within 12 months for any other St George’s Bristol event. You may also choose to donate the value of the tickets to St George’s Bristol. This benefit does not entitle members to cash refunds. Booking fees may not be refunded.

Changes to memberships
We reserve the right to change membership benefits at any time, and all members will be informed of any changes. Members will be entitled to any benefits advertised at the time of purchase, and those benefits will apply until the end of their current 12-month membership term. Any changes will apply after the existing term has expired and a renewed membership has been purchased.

Priority Booking
All levels of membership entitle you to Priority Booking for programmed events run by St George’s Bristol. It is at the discretion of St George’s Bristol and external event promoters as to whether Priority Booking or other membership benefits apply to an individual event. In rare cases, we reserve the right to not apply member benefits to an event, if those benefits conflict with an artistic or operational element of said event.

Within the Priority Booking period, members can purchase advance tickets for themselves and their guests for programmed events, subject to ticket availability. Priority Booking lasts for 7 days when we launch whole seasons (twice annually), and for 24 hours when we do mid-season releases. Mid-season releases and Priority Booking are announced via emails to members. For environmental reasons, we do not print and send mid-season announcements to postal addresses, so it is advisable to have an active subscription to our mailing list so you do not miss out.

Season Guides
PRIORITY members are not entitled to receive Season Guides by post. This benefit is reserved for all other membership types. Season Guides are sent to members with a contact preference set to receive postal marketing. If you do not have an active contact preference stating you would like to receive post from St George’s Bristol, you will not receive Season Guides. This can be changed in your account settings online, or by contacting the Box Office.

Member events
Member Events may require additional charges, which will always be advertised. Some member events will be chargeable to certain membership levels while remaining free for other membership levels – this will also always be advertised.

Interval drinks discount
The interval drinks discount can only be redeemed online when you purchase interval drinks alongside tickets for an event. You will be asked during the booking process whether you would like to order interval drinks, and if you do add some to your basket, when you login to complete your purchase, the discount will automatically apply. The offer is not redeemable when purchasing tickets at the Box Office or over the phone. The offer does not apply at the Café Bar to any food, snacks or drinks ordered from the bar directly.

Other offers/discounts
Various offers may be advertised to members. There is no requirement for St George’s Bristol to apply any offers or discounts on tickets to members. The terms of those offers will be set individually for each offer. Any offers made to members are subject to change and are applied at St George’s Bristol’s discretion.

Members’ conduct
By signing up as a member, you are formally joining the community of St George’s Bristol. We reserve the right to revoke without refund any membership where the member’s conduct has been unacceptable. Examples of unacceptable conduct are: abusing staff (e.g. shouting, swearing, threatening, undermining, disrespect); abusing artists; harassment of any sort; violent, racist, discriminatory or sexually abusive behaviour to anyone, including other visitors to St George’s Bristol; transferring and/or persistently sharing a membership; any other behaviour that the management deem unacceptable. The safety and comfort of our staff, our artists and our audiences are paramount and we will not tolerate unacceptable conduct from anyone within the community of St George’s Bristol.

Contact about memberships
PRIORITY and PLUS memberships are looked after by the Box Office team. Contact them here.
Benefactor, Patron and Star Circle are looked after by the Development team. Contact them here.

Updated 31 Aug 2022

A note on Gift Aid

Memberships include a commercial value comprising the cost of benefits supporters may receive plus a donation. Benefits can be purchased separately at this price, and any amounts given over and above this benefit value are given freely as a donation and are eligible for Gift Aid. Memberships are designed to encourage philanthropic engagement with St George’s Bristol.