Environmental Policy and Action Plan

St George’s Bristol recognises that its activities can have positive and negative impacts upon the environment, and we consider that we have a role to play in assisting Bristol to become a sustainable city. To this end St George’s Bristol agrees to adhere to the principles laid out below.

Our Environmental Impacts

We are committed to reducing the negative environmental impacts of our own activities, in particular those relating to:

  • our business premises: energy use, water use and waste
  • our business travel and staff commuting: energy use
  • our events: energy use, water use, food, waste, transport and travel
  • our communications materials: use of resources especially for flyers, also transport for printed materials and use of energy for storage, downloading, streaming and/or online reading for digital communications
  • the business services we use: notably website, data and email server hosting*

We are committed to working with our Board of Trustees, senior management, staff, suppliers, funders and our external stakeholders to ensure we understand and communicate the environmental impacts of our activities. We will produce an annual report on our environmental performance and progress, and make this available both internally and externally. This report is reviewed annually to identify clear objectives for the year by the sustainability officer.

We believe that this Policy demonstrates our commitment to improving our environmental performance and they have been adopted by the Board of Trustees.

*We currently work with Julie’s Bicycle and Go Green to support our environmental and sustainability action plan. The graphs (below) show our 2014 performance against the Julie’s Bicycle bench-marking for similar arts venues throughout the UK.